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Products & Services

Project Consultancy

     As quoted by Louis Pasteur: "Chance favors the prepared mind." Preparing yourself by gathering information and using it to anticipate events is the key to success for any project. Welcome Home can help you through all of your project planning processes with as much or as little help as you like. From simple referrals and/or recommendations to a complete feasibility analysis and turn-key project management plan, Welcome Home has your back.

     Let's face it, renovation and construction projects can be inherently complicated and difficult to plan/control. The mutually dependent nature of the numerous project elements and stages combined with the task of coordinating challenges of professional trades management can be overwhelming for even a seasoned professional. Add to this the balance of materials selections & procurement, site logistics & safety, building/utility code regulatory requirements, permits & inspections, architecture & engineering, scheduling, budgets and all other subjective influences unique to each project... it is easy to see how a poorly planned project can grow out of control.  

     Luckily, Welcome Home is the master of control. When your project with us turns out as planned... on time, and on budget... it's no accident. We made it happenContact us today and see how easy it can be to turn your project into a stress-free reality with the proven Welcome Home project control system!

Home Renovations

     With Welcome Home, every project is considered to be a "complete" renovation in that all areas of the affected space(s) will be finished and ready for use when the work is complete. Only the addition of substantial cost-incurring features, elements, components, or reconfiguration of design will be handled as "extra" and will influence the budget accordingly once agreed upon by ALL parties.

     It is our policy at Welcome Home to be as understanding and flexible as possible throughout the course of your project. Wherever possible, we will always try our best to accommodate minor changes to the original plan with minimum inconvenience and without incurring extra cost.


New Construction

     Welcome Home is your "go-to" for new construction projects as well. We bring our same "get-it-done" attitude to our new projects too... with our famous focus on quality and professionalism that has made us so successful in the renovation industry. We set the standard for all new construction projects with our attention to detail and complete customer care. Let us help in making your new construction project a success by streamlining the paperwork and getting the job done with quality found nowhere else.


Post-Project Care

     Every personal renovation or construction project includes a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee in addition to all applicable manufacturer's warranties supplied with individual products installed in your home. This Guarantee ensures that any failure in the function or appearance of any product or associated services that we handle or provide that is a direct result of poor workmanship or improper installation/assembly shall be corrected free of charge for as long as you own your home! Your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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